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PALOMAT® Double Up

PALOMAT® Double Up offers fully automatic stacking and destacking. It is completely AC-operated.

Choose PALOMAT® Double Up if you plan to stack and destack 1+1 pallets together in a line and prefer to use electricity as the power source.

AC operated


1 x 1 pallets at a time

Lifting capacity
2 x 15 pallets/ 2 x 500kg


Technical support

How PALOMAT® Double Up works

PALOMAT® Double Up is designed for automatic pallet stacking and destacking. It can stack 1+1 empty pallets two in a line . You insert or remove the pallets using a stacking truck or forklift truck. All pallet handling takes place at floor level. PALOMAT® Double Up detects the pallets via photo sensors, after which the pallets are automatically stacked or destacked 1+1 pallets in line with each other.


  • It operates solely on electrical 230V power and can therefore be placed anywhere - as long as there is a 230V power outlet nearby
  • When destacking, two stacks with a maximum of 15 pallets in each stack are inserted into the PALOMAT®. The pallets are automatically destacked 1+1 pallets in line with each other
  • When stacking, two stacks with a maximum of 15 pallets in each stack are inserted into the PALOMAT®. The pallets are automatically stacked 1+1 pallets in line with each other.
  • Palomat® Double Up operates fully automatically. It is ONLY manually operated via the touch panel when switching between stacking and destacking


Please note that the PALOMAT® Double Up only handles 1+1 pallets two in a line, not individual pallets. This applies to both stacking and destacking. Pls. do also note that the safety frame for the PALOMAT® Double Up is required.


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    Capacity 2 x 500 kg
    Energy 220-240VAC / 50 Hz
    Standby consumption 23 W
    Consumption during operation 1000 W (at max. load of 2x500 kg)
    Noise level 70db(A)
    Max. fuse 16A D01
    Steering Siemens S7-1200



    As the PALOMAT® is equipped with various sensors, wires and pipes, cleaning must only be carried out with a weak alkaline cleaning agent. The PALOMAT® must not be flushed, but only wiped with a damp cloth.

  • PALOMAT® Double Up for 2 x 15 pallets


    Article no. Pallet size Lifting capacity Number og pallets
    152501 2x1200x800x144 2x500 kg 2x15 pallets


    Note: The safety frame for the PALOMAT® Double Up is required.

Possible options for your PALOMAT® Double Up


The stop blocks are a perfect option when the PALOMAT® needs to handle pallets where the runners at the bottom are crosswise to the hand pallet truck. When pulling out the hand pallet truck from the PALOMAT®, the two stop blocks hold the pallet in place, keeping it in the magazine.

The stop blocks are installed at the front of the PALOMAT®, one on each side next to the front sensors.

Switch disconnector

The switch disconnector enables disconnection from the main supply right on the machine. The switch disconnector can be locked, e.g. when servicing the machine.

This is an advantage and a safety feature for maintenance of the PALOMAT® unit. The switch disconnector is positioned under the main supply.

Greenline Service Kit

Our service kit contain the necessary spare parts + tools, for PALOMAT® Greenline. In here, you always have the most important spare parts gathered in one place.

Prepared for information via SMS/E-mail

An interface sends an e-mail or SMS to the responsible for the PALOMAT®, e.g. when the magasin is empty or when there is an error with the PALOMAT®. It is installed with a mobile data sim-card (delivered by the customer) or a patchcabel, which is connected to the company’s network.

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