Automatic pallet handling with Autonomous Mobile Robots


PALOMAT® AMR collaborates with Autonomous Mobile Robots; A groundbreaking and innovative collaboration that boosts your infrastructure and releases the manpower previously spent on manual loading of the Autonomous Mobile Robot. PALOMAT® AMR ensures efficient palletising with automatic pallet stacking and destacking.


We can tailor the PALOMAT® to your AMR so you get a 100% customised solution.

Why you should choose PALOMAT® AMR

  • Saves time and releases manpower for other value-adding tasks
  • Improves the workflow of any AMR with automatic pallet handling
  • Ensures constant and effective stacking/destacking of the AMR
  • Acts as a fully automatic pallet buffer and docking station
  • Streamlines internal logistics with an efficient pallet flow



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  • Improves the work environment through safe cooperation with humans and other machines
  • Eliminates manual pallet handling
  • Easy installation and electrically powered from a 230V plug
  • STEP/DWG drawings, ready for implementation in your layout
  • Easy to connect with any AMR and ready for communication with interface
  • PALOMAT® AMR for Robotize

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