Are you ready to save time and money on the design and production of pallet magazines for your palletising projects? Then outsource with PALOMAT® Inline! The pallet magazine, which is 100% customised to your project, is the ideal component for stacking and destacking empty pallets in production lines. PALOMAT® Inline is equipped with a terminal box for external control, complies with the current machinery directive and is therefore easily integrated into the complete system. Regardless of conveyor type, 4-way pallet type and pallet direction, PALOMAT® Inline is suitable for your project.

With our automatic standard product, you achieve an efficient, reliable, and economical production line while improving your project’s bottom line. Get one step closer to automated pallet handling. Outsource your next pallet magazine to the expert: PALOMAT®.

A win for your business

  • Save time on development, design, and production
  • Save time on commissioning and testing – and preparing documentation
  • 100% customised to your pallet and your palletising project
  • Minimise the risk of errors and omissions. You get a complete, flexible, and proven standard product
  • Easy to integrate into a complete system
  • Prepared for PLC – supplied with a terminal box for external control
  • You will receive drawings of the PALOMAT® for your own layout (DWG/STEP)
  • You receive technical documentation in your customers' languages
  • A quality product at a competitive price
  • Technical support – 24/7/365, with more than 30 years of experience.



The market's preferred supplier of pallet magazines

PALOMAT® – the world's leading manufacturer of pallet magazines and with more than 30 years of experience and expertise in development, design, and production. At PALOMAT®, we always deliver a high quality, thoroughly tested product. This has made us the most preferred supplier of pallet magazines at a wide variety of national and international companies.

100% customised to your project

PALOMAT® Inline’s exceptional flexibility makes it possible to adapt the standard product 100% to your specific project. It can be placed over all types of conveyers, can handle all types of 4-way pallets, is designed for all pallet directions, conveyer widths and conveyer heights and can handle various pallet sizes in the same pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser.

With the many surface treatment options, you can also install the pallet magazine in a wide range of environments. PALOMAT® Inline is produced in all RAL colours, stainless (AISI 304) or electro-galvanised.

With just 3 simple steps, you get a detailed DWG/STEP drawing customised to fit your project:

Your partner in palletising

We are ready to take up the challenge and we will even deliver the best price on the market. Hear what past and present customers have to say about their choice of PALOMAT® Inline.

"We chose PALOMAT® because they have a really good and simple product and a broad product range in pallet magazines. KVM has enjoyed an excellent collaboration with PALOMAT® over the years. They always deliver on time and the quality is top notch." - Christian Killerup, Project Manager, Technical Department, KVM International A/S

Find out more about PALOMAT Inline at KVM International A/S.


At Dugnaden in Norway

... has invested in a fully automatic mixed pallet handling system and combined it with AGV operation. PALOMAT® Inline is part of the solution and has automated the process of destacking empty pallets.

At Arla Korsvej in Denmark

... has invested in an automated solution to palletise boxes with Castello cream cheese. PALOMAT® Inline is part of the solution and has automated and streamlined the process of destacking empty pallets.

At Thise Dairy in Denmark

... has invested in an automated solution for palletising its yoghurt cups. PALOMAT® Inline has automated and streamlined the process of destacking pallets.


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