The work environment is a premium at J.A. Plastindustri A/S.


The Danish company of J.A. Plastindustri A/S uses the PALOMAT® pallet magazine as a permanent part of their pallet flow. An improved pallet flow, in which the employees now completely avoid touching pallets with their hands. 

“After our investment in PALOMAT®, the manual handling of empty euro-pallets is now completely eliminated. With PALOMAT®, you can handle pallets without having to touch them with your hands”,

says Jan Lynge Nielsen, Production Manager at J.A. Plastindustri A/S.


At J.A. Plastindustri they handle 100 EUR-pallets every week. The PALOMAT® is placed in the packing room close to the two packing belts, from which packing into boxes goes on. One empty pallet is fetched in the PALOMAT® by a pallet hand pallet truck and is placed next to the packing belt. The boxes from the packing belt are stacked on the pallet, and when the pallet is full, it is moved to distribution. Another pallet is fetched from the PALOMAT®, and the flow is repeated. When the PALOMAT® is empty, it is stacked with pallets from stock.

Jan Lynge Nielsen adds: “I knew about the pallet magazine PALOMAT® from a previous workplace. We invested in the first produced PALOMAT® in 1993. Since then I have had good experience with the pallet magazine and see it as a good tool in the daily work with pallet handling”.

With PALOMAT® J.A. Plastindustri A/S
has achieved:

  • Elimination of heavy manual pallet handling

  • Improvement of the work environment

  • Happier employees

  • Faster handling of empty pallets

  • More order in the packing room

Facts: J.A. Plastindustri A/S produces individual roof accessory programmes – completely according to the wishes and requirements of the roof producer or roof importer. J.A. Plastindustri A/S delivers all across Europe and came into being in 1974.

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 PALOMAT case - Working environment is at a premium at J.A. Plastindustri A/S


A tidier work place · Improved work environment · Increased earnings

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