Southwest Jutland Hospital focuses on both employees and environment


The Southwest Jutland Hospital in Denmark has invested in their second PALOMAT® – PALOMAT® Greenline which is exclusively electrically operated. An investment that spares employees for manual pallet lifts and reduces energy consumption.

“Before we invested in our first PALOMAT® in 2006, pallets were handled manually – the individual employee lifted and moved the pallets himself. It was hard work, and when we started to employ women in goods reception, we would see that it was not an optimum situation for our employees”, says Susanne Lindballe, Middle Manager of the finance department at Southwest Jutland Hospital.

At the hospital they handle approx. 120 pallets every week. The hospital’s two PALOMATs are placed in the stores in the basement and on the ground floor. Full pallets arrive at the goods reception on the ground floor and are transported to the stores. When the pallets are empty, they are stacked in the PALOMAT® by a pallet hand truck.

An escalating quantity of goods made the investment in another PALOMAT® a reality.

Susanne Lindballe adds: “We are very aware to invest correctly with regard to energy consumption and environment. It is a key issue for the entire Region of Southern Denmark. Therefore it was not difficult to decide that our PALOMAT® No. 2 should be a PALOMAT® Greenline”.

”We are incredibly happy with our PALOMATs. The handling of pallets has become much easier, our employees have fewer manual lifts, and the pallets take needs much less space”,
concludes Susanne Lindballe.

With PALOMAT Southwest Jutland Hospital
has achieved:

  • Lighter and more user-friendly pallet handling

  • Fewer heavy manual lifts

  • Improvement of the work environment

  • More order in the stores

  • An energy and eco-friendly solution

Facts: Southwest Jutland Hospital is part of The Region of Southern Denmark. The hospital treats patients within almost all specialties, both medical and surgical. The hospital has 500 beds and around 2500 employees.

PALOMAT case - Southwest Jutland Hospital focuses on both employees and environment


A tidier work place · Improved work environment · Increased earnings

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