For ready-meal supplier RetNemt in Denmark, a spurt of high growth, with a significant upturn in pallet flow, increased the need for more streamlined handling of their pallets. They opted for two PALOMAT® Greenline pallet magazines from the Danish industrial automation company BILA A/S, for automatic handling of their pallets. The pallet magazine investment has helped to streamline RetNemt’s pallet handling, and also improved the working environment. 


RetNemt Måltidskasser delivers around 60,000 meals a week to busy Danish families across the country, and handles 250 EUR-pallets a day. Before they acquired a PALOMAT®, all of their pallet handling was based on manual lifting, with a detrimental effect on the day-to-day working environment. They also needed a more streamlined pallet flow in order to maintain efficiency.

We opted for a PALOMAT® as we needed a better pallet flow in production, where our pallets were all over the place. We also needed to improve the working environment, and eliminate manual pallet handling.” Johnny Henriksen, Production and Logistics Manager at RetNemt Måltidskasser.

According to Johnny Henriksen, PALOMAT® gave them a solution: "We had been looking for a single system that could handle EUR-pallets, but it took a direct approach from PALOMAT® to make us aware of the product. As always, investing in new equipment must be worthwhile, and PALOMAT® helped us to make a good business case, for which we soon got approval.”

100% improvement during a busy period

PALOMAT® helped RetNemt Måltidskasser through a very hectic growth spurt at the start of 2021, and according to Johnny Henriksen, they could not have done without their two new PALOMATs during this period.

Without our two PALOMATs, we would have been in trouble. We now have a significantly improved workflow, with more structure and order in the warehouse, and more free space. We have also improved our working environment, with fewer sore backs from manual pallet lifting operations. All in all, our PALOMATs have brought a 100% improvement in our pallet handling.”

New routines and happier employees

RetNemt Måltidskasser’s employees are very pleased with the new pallet magazines. Day-to-day pallet handling has become more streamlined and the pallets are easier to handle. The company has 105 employees, of whom 35-40 work in the warehouse and handle pallets on an everyday basis. The two new PALOMAT® Greenline pallet magazines are directly connected to RetNemt's packing lines, with the shortest possible distance from line to PALOMAT®.

New routines can sometimes be difficult to introduce, but at RetNemt everything went well.

Our employees have really welcomed our new PALOMATs. They find them easy to use, with a clear user panel, which only needs to be used for emptying. I would describe them as very user-friendly – it is just very easy!”  says Johnny Henriksen.

I would definitely recommend PALOMAT® to other companies. It is a good, well-tested product from which most companies with pallet handling operations can benefit,” he concludes.


*The company name RetNemt means ‘Very easy’ in Danish.

Solution: PALOMAT® Greenline:

  • Capacity for 15 EUR-pallets

  • All stacking/unstacking takes place at floor level

  • 100% power driven - 230W “Plug n' Play” solution

With PALOMAT® Greenline,
RetNemt Måltidskasser have:

  • Improved their pallet flow and efficiency

  • Improved their working environment

  • Achieved a better structure and order in the warehouse


 PALOMAT case - Working environment is at a premium at J.A. Plastindustri A/S


A tidier work place · Improved work environment · Increased earnings

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