No more manual pallet lifting in DSV warehouse


A palletizing solution with numerous benefits

A fully automatic pallet stacking solution has caused excitement at the DSV Solutions' storage hotel, where a PALOMAT® Greenline stacks and destacks empty Euro pallets. For it has eliminated the need to lift heavy pallets manually and increased the productivity.

Improved working environment

Increased efficiency due to streamlined workflow

More order in production

Significant annual savings post repayment


At the DSV Solutions warehouse in Fredericia, all pallet handling was done manually, resulting in physical strain, and there were instances of near accidents. The manual pallet handling involved many heavy and difficult lifts for the employees, creating disruption in the production workflow.


The company installed a PALOMAT® Greenline in their production. The production manager was familiar with PALOMAT's palletizing solution from his previous work and quickly realized that the pallet magazine could make a significant difference for the 40 employees in production.


As desired, PALOMAT® Greenline improved productivity for DSV, but it delivered even more. Their employees now have a better working environment. The heavy manual pallet lifts are eliminated, and the PALOMAT has provided more space and order in the production area. At the same time, the solution quickly pays off and offers significant annual savings.

A fully automatic pallet stacking solution caused excitement at the DSV Solutions' storage hotel, where a PALOMAT® Greenline stacks and destacks empty EUR-pallets. It eliminates the need to lift heavy pallets manually and increased the productivity.


Even though the acquisition of a PALOMAT® Greenline is primarily due to a desire to increase the productivity of the storage hotel, the fully automated pallet stacking solution has resulted in other benefits as well. Not least an improved working environment for the 40 employees that work in the DSV-department.


DSV has sites in more than 80 countries across the globe, and the storage hotel with a PALOMAT® Greenline is one of DSV's total of 9 sites in Denmark. The company, which is the largest provider of transport and logistics in the country, offers all kinds of solutions for transport and logistics, including third party storage solutions.


The latter includes the approximately. 20,000 m2 sized storage hotel, which in April 2018 automated part of its work process by using a PALOMAT® Greenline to stack and destack empty pallets.


This investment was due to positive experiences with PALOMAT®


DSV Greenline is placed in an area of the warehouse where smaller white goods and electrical appliances are packaged for shipping.


When goods need to be selected, an employee will retrieve a pallet from the PALOMAT® using a forklift truck/lifting truck and packages the goods on the pallet. Empty pallets are likewise deposited in the PALOMAT®, which then stacks them. All of this happens at floor level.


After starting as a Manager at DSV Solutions last year, Kim Storbank’s previous positive experience with PALOMAT® contributed to his suggestion of automatizing pallet handling in DSVs warehouse.


"We were in the middle of a larger process of standardising and structuring the work procedures in the warehouse. Pallets were lying all over the place, and people were dragging them back and forth and up and down. So, I contacted PALOMAT®, and we got a Greenline on a trial, to test the product and to allow the employees to acquaint themselves with it. And it exceeded all expectations. They have been using it diligently since."


  • Says Kim Storbank.


No more near-miss accidents and a short payback period


"The PALOMAT® has eliminated a lot of difficult and heavy lifts, as it stacks and destacks at floor height. We previously experienced few cases of near-miss accidents, where employees occasionally dropped a pallet onto their feet. We haven't experienced any of those since."


  • Explains Kim Storbank, detailing the most significant advantages to the automated pallet handling.


In addition to an improved working environment, Kim Storbank also highlights that there is a lot more order and structure in the storage hotel, after they purchased the PALOMAT®.


"When things have assigned locations and things are neat and tidy, we don't need to move a lot of stuff around all the time, and everyone knows where to find the pallets. This saves us a lot of time."


  • He explains, adding:


"We ran a payback analysis of the PALOMAT® solution, and it has been more than paid off. We don't usually use a lot of pallets, despite that, the solution has paid itself off in eight months."

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