LINAK A/S saves employees from lifting heavy pallets and increases productivity


Changing demands in the market resulted in a switch from single-use pallets to EUR-pallets. Because of this, it became necessary to review the process of handling empty pallets and the choice was on three PALOMAT® Greenline pallet magazines.

As a result of increasing requests from the market due to pallet stability, we replaced our light single-use pallets with EUR-pallets. But the EUR-pallets are a lot heavier. To make sure that we don’t get work injuries when lifting the heavy pallets, we were forced to look at other solutions for pallet handling,” says Torben Levisen, Operations Manager at LINAK A/S, and he goes on: “We quickly zeroed in on pallet magazines, but we wanted to look into whether to choose a pneumatic or electric-powered solution.”

Says Torben Levisen and continues;


“In the end we went for the electric-powered option since it is more economical to operate compared to the pneumatic machines. Moreover, if changes would be made in our production, it is more flexible since it can be quickly relocated and simply connected to the mains.”

At LINAK A/S, the Deskline division handles around 1,000 pallets per week. Loaded pallets are transported by forklift truck from the warehouse to the production cells. Once empty, height-adjustable pallet lifters transport the pallets to the PALOMATs where the PALOMATs perform auto stacking of the pallets. Prior to this investment, employees manually helped each other to stack the pallets.

“Now we can use the hand pallet truck all the way, and the previous risk of work injuries from heavy lifting has been eliminated. Besides now only a single person can attend to pallet handling even when the stack is high. Visually, we also achieve a more structured production environment,” ends Torben Levisen.

Thanks to the PALOMATs, LINAK A/S has:

  • Eliminated manual pallet handling involving heavy lifting

  • Improved the work environment

  • Achieved neat and straight stacks of pallets

  • Improved the order and structure in its production

  • Increased its productivity

Facts: LINAK A/S is the world’s leading player in the development and production of linear electrical actuators. LINAK A/S was established in 1907 and today has 1,600 employees across 35 countries worldwide.



A tidier work place · Improved work environment · Increased earnings

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