Kvickly attach great importance to both work environment and supplier conditions


The supermarket Kvickly has achieved a better work environment for their staff, more order in the storage yard and less complaints from the drivers. The solution is the pallet magazine PALOMAT® Flexomatic.

Before we got the PALOMAT®, we had a lot of manual work with the pallets. The staff were carrying them around and threw them all over the storage yard. Our storeman spent a lot of time, cleaning up after the others. And even the whole storage yard was filled with pallets, it was also accepted to throw everything else in the storage yard. When we were returning pallets back to the suppliers, the drivers often complained that the pallets stood lopsided, and there were not the right number of pallets in each pile”,

Johan Drejer Deputy Manager at Kvickly tells and continues;


”Many workers also indicated that it was not nice to carry arround the heavy, dirty pallets”.

”We got to know about the PALOMAT® from other COOP stores and over the last couple of years the Health and Safety Committee have been discussing whether to invest. In the end, we decided to lease the PALOMAT®”, Henrik Christensen, store manager adds.

At Kvickly they handle about 100 EUR-pallets every week. The PALOMAT® is now a standard part of the flow in the storage yard where the workers with the help of a hand pallet truck takes or delivers an empty pallet in the PALOMAT® at floor level. There is no doubt about where the empty pallets should be, and every pallet is handled only once.

”We are very satisfied with our PALOMAT®. It has given more order in the storage yard, we are sparing our staff from heavy pallet lifting, and we are avoiding complaints from the drivers about lopsided pile of pallets with the wrong number of pallets”, Johan Drejer ends.

With PALOMAT Kvickly has achieved:

  • Elimination of heavy manual pallet lifting

  • Better work environment

  • More order in the storage yard

  • Quicker handling of empty pallets

  • Straight pile of pallets with equal number of pallets

Facts: Kvickly is a part of COOP Danmark A/S - the largest retailer in Denmark. COOP Danmark A/S has with its 12000 stores and 35.000 workers, a yearly turnover of 50 billion DKK.

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PALOMAT case - Kvickly attach great importance to both work environment and supplier conditions


A tidier work place · Improved work environment · Increased earnings

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