Automated pallet handling at TZMO Deutschland optimizes work processes


PALOMAT® was a turning point for TZMO Germany

With PALOMAT®, TZMO Deutschland GmbH was able to make processes in the warehouse and production more efficient and significantly improve the working environment for employees in terms of ergonomics.

Improved pallet flow and efficiency

More structure and order

Less work-related discomfort and injurie

Enhanced ergonomic work environment


The company TZMO Deutschland handles between 200 to 300 pallets daily. Their pallet handling was manual and required many inconvenient lifts daily. Handling the pallets also took time from the forklift drivers when large stacks of pallets needed to be moved. The pallet flow did not work, as the pallets did not have a fixed place in production and the warehouse.


The company first received a PALOMAT® Greenline demo to test if the product was suitable for them. It quickly proved to be the right solution, so they purchased the demo and one more machine. However, TXMO Deutschland soon realized that it was not enough and ordered several more PALOMATs. Today, they have 6 PALOMAT® Greenline units, with 5 in production and 1 in the warehouse.


The 6 PALOMAT® Greenline units have provided an improved working environment at TZMO Deutschland. Employees work under good ergonomic conditions and are relieved from heavy manual pallet lifts. They have streamlined their work and pallet flow, creating more order. The PALOMAT® pallet magazine contributes to reducing their workload and injuries.

TZMO Deutschland GmbH is one of the largest European manufacturers and suppliers of medical care and hygiene products, for the global market. An efficient production, top modern internal logistics, and an ergonomic working environment for the employees, ensure the company's competitiveness at the location. Here, 200 to 300 pallets are handled daily.


A PALOMAT® distributor from Germany supplied the storage systems for the logistics center. During a visit to the site regarding additional process optimization, the idea of automated pallet handling with a PALOMAT® came into play.


During a tour in the production facility, we saw many stacks of pallets. I noticed that the employees were manually lifting the pallets from the stacks, which involved physically demanding lifting movements".


  • Reported the distributor


TZMO Deutschland quickly experienced the positive impact that the PALOMAT® had on the working environment. Within a short period of time, the next PALOMAT® was ordered.


"We were very impressed with the PALOMAT® and subsequently ordered more"


  •  Says Mr. Fiegler, the Logistics Manager at TZMO Deutschland.


By now, there are four PALOMAT® Greenline pallet magazines, with three of them located in the production area and one in the warehouse.


More space and a better workflow


With the immense daily manual pallet handling, the PALOMAT® has contributed to optimizing the entire work process in both the warehouse and production areas.


”Previously, we had several small pallet stacks in the warehouse and production area, which took up a lot of space. Since we had the PALOMAT®, there is a central location where all empty pallets are stored or retrieved. The PALOMAT® has helped us bring more order to our halls."


  • Says Mr. Fiegler.


In addition to the optimized workflow, the PALOMAT® solution has freed up time and labor for other tasks.


”Often, two people were required to lift a pallet onto a pallet stack, or the forklift driver was busy consolidating 3-4 smaller stacks into a larger stack. Now we no longer have this problem, and my employees can focus on productive tasks."


  • Mr. Fiegler furthermore explains.


Ergonomic working environment and satisfied employees


Creating an ergonomic and safe working environment is a high priority at TZMO Deutschland. However, implementing changes and new routines in a workplace can be challenging.


”There was initially some skepticism among the employees when the first PALOMAT® was installed. However, they quickly realized that the PALOMAT® is a great help as it makes their work easier and significantly reduces strain on their backs and shoulders. The benefits were noticeable within a few days. Every year, we have about 1-2 back injuries that result in long-term sick leave. With the PALOMAT®, we hope to avoid such injuries."


  • Explains Mr. Fiegler. He continues:


”It's about ergonomics. We need to protect our employees - maybe they can endure it in their younger years, but as they get older, they start experiencing back or knee problems. That's exactly what the PALOMAT® helps to avoid, which is beneficial for both the employees and TZMO."


The shortage of labor is leading to an increased focus on the work environment


”The women working on the production lines at TZMO greatly appreciate the PALOMAT®. Now, they can easily set up a stack of 15 pallets themselves. It has become easier for them to perform their work without fear of work-related injuries. Everything has become more efficient. Our employees are a valuable resource, so it is incredibly important that we prioritize their well-being and take care of them."


The shortage of labor is leading to an increased focus on the work environment


The shortage of qualified labor is a growing problem in Deutschland, and TZMO Deutschland has experienced its impacts significantly.


”After a period of significant labor shortage, we have to ensure the protection of our employees and prevent them from unnecessary heavy lifting. With the PALOMAT® solution, I quickly recognized the added value, and therefore, we immediately took action and purchased the first pallet magazine."


  • Mr. Fiegler explains.


For him, it is important to retain employees and avoid unnecessary turnover.


”By avoiding heavy and cumbersome loads, we prevent work-related injuries and sick leave, allowing employees to hopefully work at TZMO until retirement. In this way, we retain knowledge and valuable experience within the company. Therefore, the PALOMAT® is a win-win situation for both employees and management."


  • Mr. Fiegler emphasizes.

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