Sales Success: PALOMAT® Performs 10% Above Budget

We hear stories about challenging economic trends, but if PALOMAT's success is an indication, those trends don't seem to have reached the northern Jutland island of Mors, where the pallet magazine manufacturer is based. They have indeed defied global trends and achieved results that have surpassed their budget by 10%.




Sales Success Exceeds Budget


"Think about how many pallets are still being handled manually in the world," says PALOMAT® Area Manager, Majbritt Svane, reflecting on the company's success. They have achieved something few companies can boast about, defying global trends. Many companies worldwide have faced setbacks, whether due to the ongoing bottleneck in supply chain industries caused by the COVID-19 pandemic or unstable situations in several countries east of Denmark, creating hesitancy in various sectors.


PALOMAT® has managed to find opportunities in all markets, resulting in a positive bottom line. In fact, they have exceeded their expected budget by 10%. It is clear that, even though many industries face challenges, pallets still need to be moved, and many companies aim to optimize this process. This aligns with a broader focus on optimization and improved working environments.




PALOMAT® Aims to Be a World Champion


Defying adversities does not happen by chance, and one should not be too proud to seek external advice. PALOMAT® has implemented several initiatives to create renewed energy among its staff. They have, for example, sought help from sales coaches to expand their toolbox with new approaches and efforts, making a significant difference. Majbritt Svane describes a clear distinction before and after sales training.


"We needed to shake things up and revitalize some sales processes. There was a need for renewed energy and inspiration, and we achieved that through sales coaching and by optimizing our workflow. It made an immediate noticeable difference."


Majbritt Svane, Area Manager at PALOMAT®


At PALOMAT®, they have found renewed enthusiasm across the board. They have worked to foster a mentality focused on achievement and what each employee needs to do concretely to reach their goals. This is only possible due to the exceptionally strong team spirit that holds the team upright like a steel thread. Everyone helps each other, regardless of the tasks at hand.


The goal is clear; PALOMAT® aims to be the world's best and largest supplier of pallet magazines.




Growth that Spreads


Creating stability and trust in their work is nothing new for PALOMAT®. For over 30 years, their customers have tested and pushed their pallet magazines, allowing them to guarantee exceptional reliability and a fault rate. This is crucial when employees are stacking heavy pallets. Safety must be top-notch, and PALOMAT's track record assures that, with precisely zero accidents across 25,000 delivered machines. Simultaneously, they have various safety measures to prevent harm to both people and pallets. Machines are, for example, CE certified and equipped with sensors that can detect movements both in front and behind the machine. PALOMAT® also maintains high standards for the projects they supply machines to, flatly rejecting projects that raise safety concerns.


PALOMAT® expects this sense of security and growth to spread.


"We hope that our success story can show others that it is indeed possible to conduct business in these times. It should instill confidence that companies can still take chances and find new opportunities if we dare to seek them out."


 Majbritt Svane, Area Sales Manager at PALOMAT®



A pallet magazine is never an investment for the sake of investment. It is a tool that inherently streamlines a company's workflow while freeing up hands for more value-added tasks. In this way, growth at PALOMAT® signals future growth for the companies that have them. It creates confidence in both the economy and PALOMAT's products, and the northern Jutland company has no plans to slow down. On the contrary, they will continue their unwavering efforts to become the world's best and largest supplier of pallet magazines.



Published February 2024

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