Product news: PALOMAT® Coldstore

PALOMAT® is expanding its standard range with a new model – PALOMAT® Coldstore. This innovative product streamlines pallet handling in extremely cold environments while simultaneously improving the working environment for employees.


Efficient handling of pallets at -25 degrees


When the thermometer drops to -25 degrees, one quickly transforms into a shivering icicle. Working in these extremely cold environments presents special challenges, including the limited time one can spend in the area before needing to 'thaw out.' This demands a brisk work pace to maximize efficiency—and that has become significantly easier with PALOMAT® Coldstore.


PALOMAT® Coldstore is a new addition to the standard range of many other models, but due to considerable demand, PALOMAT® has now launched a version with additional heaters, making the pallet magazine particularly robust for handling pallets in cold store environments down to -25 degrees.


"Working in cold surroundings is challenging, and the time spent there must be used wisely and efficiently. We have seen a growing demand in recent years for pallet magazines that can withstand cold temperatures and ensure quick and efficient pallet handling. Therefore, we decided to upgrade our existing range with a robust and cold-resistant product for cold store environments." 


  • Majbritt Svane, Area Sales Manager at PALOMAT®.


Great focus on safety


At PALOMAT®, safety in the use of their products is of utmost importance. Therefore, PALOMAT® Coldstore and all other types in the range comply with the applicable machinery directive. This is your guarantee that the products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements for safety, health, and the environment.


Published November 2023.

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