Product news -Meet industry 4.0 with PALOMAT® AGV

PALOMAT®, the Danish manufacturer of pallet magazines, is expanding their standard range with a new model - the PALOMAT® AGV, which, together with driverless forklift trucks, streamlines the handling of pallets and single-handedly increases the productivity.


PALOMAT® AGV - the ideal work partner for driverless trucks

The PALOMAT® AGV pallet magazine stacks and de-stacks empty pallets individually at floor level, fully automatically. It is always ready to either deliver (de-stack) a pallet or retrieve (stack) a pallet from the driverless forklift truck at a uniform location at floor level. The PALOMAT® thus ensures uniform docking and optimal working conditions for driverless forklift trucks.

The PALOMAT® AGV is delivered with an interface for external equipment, which makes it possible to exchange signals between the PALOMAT® and driverless forklift trucks. The two can thus communicate independently and maintain a constant and fully automatic flow of pallets to and from the production line, thus streamlining the internal logistics.

"Driverless forklift trucks and industry 4.0 have made their entry into the worldwide industry. With PALOMAT® AGV, companies that make use of driverless forklift trucks, or that are considering investing in them, can further streamline the internal logistics by also achieving fully-automatic pallet handling. The PALOMAT® and the driverless forklift truck can handle this themselves. The PALOMAT® AGV is delivered with an interface and a standard program, which makes it easy to install and connect to external equipment."


  • Majbritt Svane, Area Manager.


The PALOMAT® can be included as a natural part of, say, a production line, a store or packaging department – in which it, in conjunction with driverless forklift trucks, streamlines the flow of pallets and increases productivity.

A significant focus on safety

At PALOMAT®, user safety when using their products is a priority. Therefore PALOMAT® AGV and all other types in the range comply with the applicable machine directive. This is your guarantee that it has been manufactured in compliance with the demands for health, safety and the environment.


Published March 2018.

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