PALOMAT® Attracts 13 Nationalities to Denmark

Despite being located on the small Danish island of Mors, the market-leading manufacturer of pallet magazines, PALOMAT®, has a worldwide reach. This was evident when they invited their international dealer network to a meeting on Mors to foster business development and strengthen relationships.




A dealer meeting also serves as a dealer forum


A loud whistle. A clap with her hands. Area Sales Manager at PALOMAT®, Majbritt Svane, gains control of the conversations, which are in English with various dialects and accents. With a smile and enthusiastic gestures, she announces it is time to start the day's packed schedule.


The dealer meeting is a gathering point for the individuals with the most experience with PALOMAT’s pallet magazines, offering a unique opportunity for dealers to deepen their knowledge of PALOMAT®. Business updates are provided, and guests can "kick the tyres" on the updated models:


“The main reason for attending the dealer meeting is to see the new products, exchange ideas and opinions, and meet different people. It is much better to meet face to face rather than over the phone.


Joachim Bourk, Managing Director of Normpack, Germany




PALOMAT’s Area Sales Manager, Majbritt Svane, presents to the meeting attendees

When so much PALOMAT® experience is gathered in one place, a dealer meeting can become a dealer forum. The dealers can meet each other and share experiences to strengthen their business in their respective markets.


Ludovico Weiss from Italy must be able to share knowledge and ideas across borders with other dealers.


"It is important to have a connection, generate new ideas, and solve problems. The problems I am working on are the same problems the other dealers have," says Ludovico Weiss, Managing Director at Ludovico Weiss, Italy. 



An Island Company on the Move

The Danish manufacturer of pallet magazines has a dealer network that covers most of the world, and it is crucial for PALOMAT® to maintain close relationships with all members of the global dealer family. This keeps PALOMAT® attuned to market trends, allowing it to bring the products and optimisations that customers demand to the market. At the same time, it ensures that the dealers are well-equipped to offer customers the solution that best meets their needs for automated pallet handling.


For PALOMAT®, open communication is a golden rule. The dealers, as our eyes and ears in the market, play a vital role in providing us with valuable feedback and insights, making close cooperation with them essential."


Majbritt Svane, Area Sales Manager at PALOMAT® says with an energetic expression and continues: 


"The dealer meeting enables us to gain insight into what the customers are demanding in their local markets, and our dealers can gain insights that make them even better at offering the right solution to their customers. It is an essential part of our strategic development. Without the dealers, there are no sales.”


Machines showcased by PALOMAT® founder, Per B. Sørensen


The dedicated work is paying off. PALOMAT® has grown by no less than 30% compared to last year's financial statement. This achievement defies global adversity trends and has required a significant effort from both PALOMAT® and their dealer network.


The dealer meeting is a day marked by strong relationships and good cooperation. This was evident when all the dealers bid farewell to their partners at PALOMAT® in the warm sun before boarding the bus. Big smiles, embracing hugs, and inside jokes were shared with a promise to meet again at the next PALOMAT® dealer meeting in 2026. In the meantime, the dealers are now fully prepared to sell even more PALOMATs.



Published July 2024

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