High global demand for PALOMAT® - staff numbers jump by 40%

The market’s increasing focus on work environment and employee safety have not only shown a significant growth in the international demand for the Mors-based company PALOMAT®. To meet this high demand for pallet magazines, PALOMAT® has hired more people. The number of employees have risen by 40% in the last 18 months alone – with more growth planned.


International focus on the working environment and streamlining

With more than 25 years of experience, PALOMAT® is a strong operator in the market and is the preferred supplier of customers when it comes to automated pallet handling. The increasing focus on the working environment and on the well-being of workers have a strong and positive effect at PALOMAT®. The market is focused on finding innovative solutions that optimise and streamline work procedures involved in the handling of empty pallets.

"We have never seen such high international demand for our pallet magazines before. Our dealer network has now spread into new markets like Russia, India and South Africa. This meant that we urgently needed more people in the Engineering-, Sales- and Marketing Department. The team is growing and we are proud that as a strongly growing local company, we have created 6 new jobs." 


  • Majbritt Svane, PALOMAT® Area Manager.


The 6 new employees have been part of the team for the last 18 months, and they are all seeing at first hand the international demand for PALOMAT® products. Sales Coordinator Lene Bak Pedersen, can also confirm this development:

"I can really tell that a healthy working environment has become more ‘modern’ – more countries, for instance in Southern Europe, want solutions that safeguard their employees when it comes to manual lifting. We are also receiving more and more enquiries from customers in new countries who want to automate work procedures with PALOMAT®."

New growth opportunities and high ambition

Having high ambitions and being able to see new opportunities are a vital part of the Mors-based company’s DNA. The company’s agenda oozes of growth, as the increasing international focus on the working environment has opened new markets.

"We expect our turnover to increase by 30% in the coming year, as we continue to focus on supplying innovative machines that optimise customers’ pallet handling solutions and it strengthens our position as the customers’ preferred supplier. Continued growth hopefully makes room for even more people to join the team."


  • Majbritt Svane, PALOMAT® Area Manager


Published January 2019.

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