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by exchanging signals with driverless forklift trucks
efficient pallet handling is achieved

palomat maskiner


is designed for stacking and destacking of empty pallets at floor level.



is designed for stacking and destacking of empty pallets in production lines.

Efficient pallet flow – no manual lifting of pallets

Your advantages with PALOMAT®

  • Space saving and a tidy workplace
  • Optimised pallet flow
  • Improved work environment
  • Reduced pallet costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • No manual pallet handling
  • Less absence due to illness
  • Reduced time spent per pallet
  • Fewer back injuries, jammed fingers and feet
  • Less truck driving
  • Leaner – increased efficiency with less resources
palomat proces

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Palomat® news

Constructor celebrates his 10 years anniversary

Constructor, Thomas Lind Gadegaard, can celebrate his 10 years anniversary at PALOMAT®. He has undoubtedly made his mark on the pallet magazine, which today is the leading global brand in the business.

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The dealer of the year increased sales by 82% in Belgium

The title of PALOMAT® dealer 2017 has gone to the Belgian dealer, ASP bvba. With an increased activity level in Belgium focusing on pallet handling and close contact with their clients, ASP bvba have managed to increase their sales of the PALOMAT® by no less than 82% compared to last year.

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LINAK A/S saves employees from lifting heavy pallets and increases productivity

Changing demands in the market resulted in a switch from single-use pallets to Euro pallets. Because of this, it became necessary to review the process of handling empty pallets and the choice was on three PALOMAT Greenline pallet magazines.

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A tidier work place · Improved work environment · Increased earnings

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