13. September 2018

The first 20 years in PALOMAT® red

Had Area Manager Majbritt Svane could predict the future 20 years ago, she would probably still not have thought she would play such a great part in the incredible journey of growth that the company, PALOMAT® from Mors, is on — or that she would lead the company to its position as the world's largest manufacturer of pallet magazines.

1. March 2018

Product news: Meet industry 4.0 with PALOMAT® AGV

PALOMAT®, the Danish manufacturer of pallet magazines, is expanding their standard range with a new model - the PALOMAT® AGV, which, together with driverless forklift trucks, streamlines the handling of pallets and single-handedly increases the productivity.

25. October 2017

Constructor celebrates his 10 years anniversary

Constructor, Thomas Lind Gadegaard, can celebrate his 10 years anniversary at PALOMAT®. He has undoubtedly made his mark on the pallet magazine, which today is the leading global brand in the business.

19. June 2017

The dealer of the year increased sales by 82% in Belgium

The title of PALOMAT® dealer 2017 has gone to the Belgian dealer, ASP bvba. With an increased activity level in Belgium focusing on pallet handling and close contact with their clients, ASP bvba have managed to increase their sales of the PALOMAT® by no less than 82% compared to last year.

15. May 2017

Product news: Effective, space saving pallet magazine handles two types of pallets in the same magazine.

The Danish manufacturer of pallet magazines, PALOMAT® are expanding their standard range with a new model - PALOMAT® Adjustable, which can handle both Euro and industrial pallets in the same magazine. Effective and space saving.


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