Custom-made pallet magazine for

Your automated solution

The PALOMAT Inline is a robust and reliable pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser for automatic pallet stacking and destacking in automatic production lines. The pallet magazine is prepared for PLC-control and is easy and user-friendly integrated in the plant's main control.

As standard the PALOMAT Inline handles: 15-20 pallets / 800 kg.

The PALOMAT Inline is a pneumatic pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser, which is prepared in a terminal box for external PLC-control.

The PALOMAT Inline is delivered with:

  • 2 pcs. photo sensors mounted in a terminal box.
  • Air components from SMC

All PALOMAT parts are either powder coated, electro galvanized or chromed, which gives a very resistant surface.

The standard colour is:

RAL 7035 grey

The PALOMAT Inline is very flexible. It can be placed over all types of conveyers, can handle all types of 4-way pallets, is designed for all pallet directions, conveyer widths and conveyer heights and can handle various pallet sizes in the same pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser. We manufacture the pallet magazine so it fits exactly your production line


Read more about the standard options below:

Different pallet types

- Adaptation of grippers

Any conveyor height/ width

- Adaptation of legs

Different pallet sizes in the same magazine

- Adjustable side/ sides

Added safety

- Safety frame

Different pallet heights

- Adaptation of skirting

Numerous colours and surface coatings


Different pallet lengths

- Adaptation of the sides

Different pallet widths

- Adaptation of the back plate

A tidier work place · Improved work environment · Increased earnings

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