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Experience with design, construction and production

To ensure you a reliable, efficient and flexible pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser, we emphasize competent advice from bid to delivery. Based on close collaboration between sales, engineering and you, the best possible PALOMAT Inline pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser is developed for exactly your production line. 

Make or buy is a classic question - Let us be in charge of the production of pallet magazines. We have 23 years of experience in production of pallet magazines and we have know-how in both design and construction

Why select PALOMAT as supplier of pallet magazines

  • You save on development, design and construction time will save design and construction hours
  • You receive a complete, flexible and thoroughly tested component
  • Technical documentation in your language included
  • The PALOMAT Inline will be modified to exactly match your pallet and the automated solution 
  • The PALOMAT Inline easily integrates with your other production facilities

We challenge you
- check out the best price in the market and invest in top quality!


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