Automatic pallet handling with Mobile Industrial Robots


Electric pallet dispenser

In collaboration with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), we have made it possible to streamline and automate your pallet flow even more. PALOMAT® AMR can collaborate with MiR500 - MiR1350 in dynamic environments and between people. Together they create automatic palletising, transport and proper stacking/destacking of pallets.

Through signal exchange between MiR mobile robots and PALOMAT® AMR, your internal logistics are streamlined, and time is freed up for your employees. They no longer have to handle pallets manually, giving them time to focus on other value-adding tasks. The collaboration thus spares your employees from monotonous, heavy, and cumbersome lifting and ensures a healthy work environment.

The PALOMAT® comes with software that communicates through a WISE module interface. STEP/DWG drawings are also ready to be implemented and tested in your existing layout. All of which means that PALOMAT® AMR can be effortlessly installed and connected to your existing pallet flow.

Why choose PALOMAT® AMR?

  • Improves MiR’s workflow through automated pallet handling
  • Ensures uniform stacking/destacking on AMR and a fully automatic pallet buffer and docking station
  • Frees up time and makes room for other value-adding tasks for your employees
  • Creates a safer work environment without manual pallet lifting
  • STEP/DWG drawings ready for implementation in floor layout
  • Easy interconnection with AMR and ready to communicate with the interface
  • Plug n' Play – easy installation and 100% electrically powered.

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Pallet magazine PALOMAT® AMR for MiR mobile robots for 15 pallets
Wheels on the side plates and a light curtain for stabilisation and safety
Maximum indicator for 15 pallets
See how to use a PALOMAT® AMR for MiR mobile robots

Need more info about PALOMAT® AMR for MiR500 - MiR1350

Capacity - 500 kg


220-240VAC 50 Hz

Standby Consumption:


Consumption during operation:

550 W  (at max. load of 500 kg)

Noise Level:

70 dB (A)

Max. Fuse:

16 A D01




Siemens S7-1200



Software PLC:




• Safety frame for 15 EUR-pallets / 500 kg

• Maximum indicator for 15 EUR-pallets

• Technical documentation

• Example sequence diagram for programming

PALOMAT® AMR is delivered with an interface 24VDC I/O signals for external equipment, making it possible to exchange signals between the PALOMAT® and AMR.


WISE module interface specifications:

Inputs: [continuous signal]

• Signal 0 PALOMAT® (destacking)

• Signal 1 New pallet ready to be picked up

• Signal 2 PALOMAT® full (stacking)

• Signal 3 PALOMAT® ready for pallet


Outputs: [puls 3-4 sec.]

• Signal 0 Choose destacking

• Signal 1 Choose stacking

• Signal 2 Emptying the PALOMAT® (full stack)

• Signal 3  Not used

The PALOMAT® AMR is delivered with a software – a complete program in the PLC  communicating with the interface. Thus being prepared to communicate with the Autonomous Mobile Robot.

As the PALOMAT® is equipped with various sensors, wires and pipes, cleaning must only be carried out with a weak alkaline cleaning agent. The PALOMAT® must not be flushed, but only wiped with a damp cloth.

Contact the PALOMAT® Sales Department or the nearest PALOMAT® dealer for further information.


PALOMAT® AMR for 15 pallets (MiR500 - MiR1350)

Contact the PALOMAT® Sales Department or the nearest PALOMAT® dealer for further information.


Article nr. Pallet size (L x W x H) Lifting capacity Number of pallets

152800 1200x800x144 (EUR-pallets) 500 kg 15 pallets

152801 1200x1000x150 (Industrial pallets) 500 kg 15 pallets

152830 1200x1000x162 (UK Block pallets) 500 kg 15 pallets

152831 1219x1016x141 (US Block pallets) 500 kg 15 pallets

152832 1219x1016x130 (US Stringer paller) 500 kg 15 paller

For pallet magazine PALOMAT® AMR we offer the following options:


Option - Signal tower incl. maximum indicator for pallet magazine PALOMAT®
Special colours

It is possible to order PALOMAT® AMR in any RAL colour.


Option - Truck protection for the pallet magazine PALOMAT
Switch disconnector

The switch disconnector enables disconnection from the main supply right on the machine. The switch disconnector can be locked, e.g. when servicing the machine.

This is an advantage and a safety feature for maintenance of the PALOMAT® unit. The switch disconnector is positioned under the main supply.

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A tidier work place · Improved work environment · Increased earnings

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