Article: Efficient pallet handling solutions - 22. April 14´
PALOMAT is a world leading manufacturer of pallet magazine/ pallet dispensers, with its headquarters based in Denmark. Since the first PALOMAT was developed in 1992, it has been known for original innovations in work environments.

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Product News: PALOMAT Greenline for handling of 25 pallets - 14. Jan. 14´
Continuing the development of its environmentally friendly pallet magazine from 2011, PALOMAT now makes it possible to handle 25 pallets in a more energy-conscious and greener fashion.

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Press release: PALOMAT optimizes its product line for increased reliability - 12. Dec. 13´
To further reinforce its role as an attractive supplier of pallet dispensers for integration in automated production lines, the Danish manufacturer PALOMAT has recently completed an optimization of PALOMAT Inline. This optimization has resulted in a new subcontractor and a pallet magazine with even higher reliability.

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Press release: PALOMAT strengthens its efforts in Australia - 9. Oct. 13´
In 2012, the Danish producer of pallet dispensers, PALOMAT, started an approach in the Australian market. This was a gamble since the market and its potential were unknown. This gamble, however, quickly turned into a successful venture.

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Press release: PALOMAT dealer of the year now named - 12. July, 13´
For the third consecutive year, the Danish pallet magazine manufacturer PALOMAT will announce their dealer of the year among 35 dealers worldwide. This year the prize has gone to Premier Pallet Systems Ltd. in England.

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 Press release: PALOMAT is off to a record start on 2013 - 27. Feb. 13´
With a higher degree of proactivity, PALOMAT, the Danish manufacturer of pallet magazines for handling empty pallets, has set new records. A sales increase of 22% and more hot prospects in the pipeline make January 2013 the best January – ever.

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Product News: PALOMAT Inline now handles 4 x ¼ plastic pallets - 18. Feb. 12´
The producer of pallet magazines, PALOMAT, has now developed a new model of their PALOMAT Inline – for automatic stacking and destacking of empty pallets in automatic installations. With the new model it is now possible to handle 4 x ¼ plastic pallets at the same time.

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Press release: PALOMAT wins award in Australia - 11. Dec. 12´
Danish pallet magazine producer PALOMAT exhibited for the first time their pallet magazine at a fair outside Europe – namely Materials Handling in Sydney, Australia in October 2012. And with great success. This resulted in a prestigious award and first order from an Australian customer.

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Press release: 20 years with PALOMAT - 23. Oct. 12´
This year, Danish pallet magazine manufacturer PALOMAT celebrates its 20th anniversary. Two decades with, for instance, product development, market development, and new growth strategies on the agenda – not least the 2008 economic crisis has been a deciding factor in where PALOMAT is today.

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Press release:
PALOMAT makes pallethandling in freezer environments possible - 20. Sep. 12´
In September 2011 the PALOMAT Greenline was launched – a pallet magazine for the automatic stacking and destacking of empty pallets – powered only by 230 V electricity. Further development of the line means that pallet handling in freezer environments is now also available.

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Article: Jan bought the first PALOMAT - 14. July 12´
Area Manager at PALOMAT, Majbritt Svane and Jan Lynge Nielsen meet and talked about the first 20 years with the maschine, which handels pallets.

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Press release: New Cooperation between PALOMAT and Logistics Connections in the US - 28. June 12´
PALOMAT, a wholly owned subsidiary of BILA, has selected Logistic Connections to be their dealer for PALOMAT’s line of products in the United States.

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Press release:
PALOMAT making machine builders’ life easier - 28. June 12´
Using new and user friendly product material on our PALOMAT Inline pallet magazine will make your daily work on integration of PALOMAT Inline in your projects more effective – be your role that of a constructing engineer, salesman, project manager, etc.

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Press release: Retailers receiving PALOMAT Greenline well - 25. April 12´
North Jutland maker of pallet magazines for handling of empty pallets at floor level highly successful in introducing PALOMAT Greenline – recently developed ”green” and more environmentally friendly pallet magazine.

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Press release: PALOMAT arming for new markets - 5. March 12´
In the last six months, PALOMAT, the Danish maker of pallet magazines, has seen increased demand from new markets – not only from Europe.

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Press release: PALOMAT Record Order - 1. February 12´
North Jutland producer of pallet magazines, PALOMAT, saw a positive start of their financial year. Active efforts made by partners play a large part, resulting, among other things, in the biggest order in the history of PALOMAT – 17 PALOMATs for Procter and Gamble.

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Press release: Historical growth at PALOMAT - 25. October 11´
At the end of the financial year of 2011, the Danish manufacturer of pallet magazines PALOMAT was able to present an annual result exceeding all expectations: a growth of 31 % compared with last years’ sales figures.

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Product news: Facelift of Stand Alone line - September 11´
To meet client requirements, as well as the new CE rules, we have run a facelift of our Stand Alone line. A facelift enabling us to offer our clients more variations in our standard line without incurring an additional price – in the same high quality but providing a higher degree of user friendliness and safety.

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Article: PALOMAT has gotten a facelift - Morsø Folkeblad, 7. September 11´
PALOMAT has introduced a new line for the dealers. 33 PALOMAT-dealers from whole Europe were yesterday gathered to the VIP-day at Bila.

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Product news: PALOMAT Greenline is launched - 6. September 2011
Today, on the 6th of September 2011, we reveal our newly developed “green” PALOMAT Stand Alone, the PALOMAT Greenline. As the only product in our range, this PALOMAT is powered by electricity only.

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Product news: "Double up" on the work flow with PALOMAT, May 2011
Based on an inquiry made by one of our French dealers, PALOMAT has developed a "Double up" PALOMAT Flexomatic. The PALOMAT Flexomatic handles two stacks of each 15 pallets at once - handling twice as much as our standard PALOMATs. 

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Article: PALOMAT defeated the crisis - Morsø Folkeblad, 26. January 2011
In 2008, when the financial crises set in, the phones stopped ringing at PALOMAT. Nevertheless, the company succeeded in creating tremendous growt...

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